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Everything You Need to Know About Pho

 Tháng 5 31, 2018   ÊMM Hotel Saigon

Vietnam’s de facto national dish has gained a huge following all around the world, with variations on the theme including a pho burger and even pho-inspired cocktails!

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A Traveler’s Guide to Vietnamese Tet

 Tháng 2 6, 2018   ÊMM Hotel Saigon

Tet, as the Vietnamese call Lunar New Year, is the country’s largest and most important celebration. It’s held on the first day of the first month of the lunar year and this year, falls on Friday, February 16.

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Saigon Sharing: Ways to Give Back

 Tháng 12 12, 2017   ÊMM Hotel Saigon

Vietnam is a country of incredible food, fascinating culture and diverse landscapes. But for many, it’s the people of Vietnam who really make the trip memorable with their friendliness, hospitality and openness, despite having little in a material way.

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Thanh Da – A Slice of the Mekong Delta in Saigon

 Tháng 10 4, 2017   ÊMM Hotel Saigon

To the casual visitor, Saigon may feel like a city of concrete and steel, dense with inhabitants and motorcycles fighting for a space amidst the chaos. However, just 20 minutes from the city center lies an oasis of green rice fields and quiet lanes that few visitors ever discover. Welcome to Thanh Da.

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A Walking Tour of Saigon’s Chinatown

 Tháng 2 22, 2017   ÊMM Hotel Saigon

Chinatowns all over the world are vibrant, colorful neighborhoods. Saigon’s Chinatown (known in Vietnamese as “Cho Lon”, or Big Market) is no different, with an added bonus of a unique history fusing Chinese, French and Vietnamese elements.

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Saigon’s A O Show

 Tháng 1 19, 2017   ÊMM Hotel Saigon

One of the hottest tickets in Saigon is the A O Show at the Saigon Opera House. Part acrobatics, part dance, part circus, AO is all entertainment. Think of it as Stomp!

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Gaining Practical Experience at ÊMM Hotel Saigon

 Tháng 3 26, 2015   ÊMM Hotel Saigon

On March 26, 2015, students from the Vietnamese American Polytechnic College APC had the opportunity to attend useful and enjoyable presentations and practical training sessions at ÊMM Hotel Saigon.

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