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Tập Đoàn Thiên Minh Và Vietnam Airlines Trở Thành Đối Tác Toàn Diện

 1 day ago   Blog

Tập đoàn Thiên Minh và Vietnam Airlines hợp tác ra mắt thẻ liên kết thương hiệu du lịch trọn gói

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Chủ Động Bay, Tự Tin Chọn Điểm Đến Cùng Thẻ E-card Độc Quyền Từ Thiên Minh Group Và Vietnam Airlines

 6 days ago   Blog

Thấu hiểu đây là thời điểm nhu cầu du lịch nghỉ dưỡng đang ngày một gia tăng trong bối cảnh “bình thường mới”, Thiên Minh Group (TMG) cùng Vietnam Airlines (VNA) đã chính thức hợp tác và cho ra mắt sản phẩm thẻ E-card.

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Monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) at ÊMM Hotels & Resorts

 Tháng 3 13, 2020   Blog

At ÊMM Hotels & Resorts, the safety and wellbeing of our guests and associates is of paramount importance. We are engaging regularly with government agencies on the local and national level as the situation evolves and are closely following guidelines from these agencies and the local health departments.

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Origins of the Banh Mi: Vietnam's Best Sandwich

 Tháng 2 14, 2020   Blog

Vietnamese food-lovers all across the globe are falling in love with the tasty sandwich; however, this tasty favourite hasn’t always been a go-to dish in Vietnam. Here, let’s breakdown the history of the well-known banh mi and where you can find the best ones around the country.

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An Insider’s Guide to Hue Food

 Tháng 1 16, 2020   Blog

Towering pagodas, expansive tombs, lush green mountains and world-class cuisine - this is what to expect in Hue. Located two hours from the bustling Da Nang city, this relaxed little town is rich with history and packed with delectable dishes to indulge in.

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15 of the Best Things to do in Ho Chi Minh City

 Tháng 12 9, 2019   Blog

The dynamic Southern hub of Ho Chi Minh City, is bursting with innovative and exciting things to do. For visitors this lively city can feel overwhelming at times, that is why we have crafted this list of the 15 best things to do in Ho Chi Minh City.

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Spice Viet Restaurant: All of Vietnam on a Plate

 Tháng 1 4, 2019   Blog

To taste all the flavors of Vietnam without having to travel the length of the country, James Pham, our favourite Lonely Planet contributor headed to Spice Viet Hoi An.

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Traveling the Hai Van Pass

 Tháng 7 23, 2018   ÊMM Hotel Hoi An

Measuring just 19 km (12 mi), the Hai Van Pass is still considered one of the world’s most beautiful coastal drives as it winds its way through the Truong Son mountain range of Central Vietnam with lush jungle on one side and the beautiful blue East Sea on the other.

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