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Places To Explore

Hoi An is Asia's most beautiful town and here's a travel guide to the best things to do in Hoi An. Let ÊMM help you to create your perfect itinerary. Discover now!

Reaching out tea house

1. Reaching Out (131 Trần Phú) 

Reaching out is one of Hoi An’s prettiest, most unique and most romantic cafes. Decorated with vintage furniture, tea sets, metallic coffee filters and gorgeous dishware, the café throws off a simple yet elegant vibe. There’s indoor seating inside the café as well as in the outdoor garden surrounded by beautifully faded yellow walls covered in leafy vines.

Credit:@Wing, Tiam Ming Lee & @hale.prem                          

Reaching out tea house2


2. Cocobana (16 Nguyễn Thái Học)

One of Hoi An’s newest hot spots is Cocobana, a mix of new and old, decorated with traditional bamboo ladders and conical hats in an innovative and colorful way. This artsy tea house is divided into areas including a shoe-making workshop, a fish pond, a coloring room and lots of cosy nooks to get lost in.

Credit: @desmondzhengs & @vivi.n.g.u.y.e.n

3. The Chef (166 Trần Phú)

The Chef Restaurant has an elegant yet casual first-floor dining room but it’s the rooftop terrace that has all the “wow” factor. Spend a pleasant evening here overlooking all the clay-tiled roofs of the Ancient Quarter with hanging lanterns and an innovative cocktail for company


The Chef Restaurant